Dear NPA supporters:

I am writing to express deep appreciation from our slate of candidates, our campaign team, and from the association for your support in the November 15 election race.

This was a passionate, challenging race, and we were up against a formidable campaign machine. Still, we made impressive gains: three Council members (up from two), four Park Board commissioners (up from two), and four School Board trustees (up from one).

We believe our campaign for a more open government that listens will influence the incumbent administration. We are confident our majority on Park Board will preserve our parks and recreation facilities by building more eco-friendly decks and not affecting the independence of our community centres. And we are hopeful our ideas for schools will find their way through our new strength on the board.

In all, we think the NPA is back in the civic conversation, thanks to your support of our effort.

In the time ahead we will reflect on the campaign and reach out to you to identify strategies to strengthen the NPA to make it election-ready in 2018.

But this is a time for gratitude and pride in accomplishment. We have come a long way in a short time and there are brighter days ahead.


The NPA Team

George Affleck
Gregory Baker | City Council
Elizabeth Ball | City Council
Melissa De Genova | City Council
Ken Low | City Council
Rob McDowell | City Council
Ian Robertson | City Council
Suzanne Scott | City Council
John Coupar | Park Board
Casey Crawford | Park Board
Jay Jagpal | Park Board
Sarah Kirby-Yung | Park Board
Stéphane Mouttet | Park Board
Erin Shum | Park Board
Fraser Ballantyne | School Board
Penny Noble | School Board
Christopher Richardson | School Board
Stacy Robertson | School Board
Sandy Sharma | School Board